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If you are a webmaster like myself working hard to keep your site running and cover the costs of paying for models or materials or in the case of a free site, simply paying your hosting bill and other outgoings this page may help in some small way and if it helps you then I will get some satisfaction in that. I have been running my free site since 1999 starting by using free hosting. In those days free hosting was a minefield and just when you had put in all the work to get your site going the host would either crash or delete your account for one reason or another.In 2005 I was just about to tear my hair out with frustration when 3 Host crashed and all my files were lost when I decided Enough was Enough and paid for a hosting account with Godaddy and bought some domain names. This was the best move I ever made and at last I was able to keep my old faithful free site, BLACK FOX BONDAGE GALLERY up and running on a permanent basis and to this day I have only had about 24hrs downtime in total.In 2008 I opened my paysite with Verotel tickets club and ran quite happily untill 2012 when they decided to charge me a fortune to accept Visa or shut me down which is what happened when they decided my income was not high enough!! Not to be beaten the members site was soon accepting members again through Epoch and is slowly but surely growing in this uncertain financial climate!

I thought I would pass on my better contacts for webmasters as it is good to help and encourage the genuine bondage sites. My main income still comes through placing affiliate banners and links on my sites and hosted galleries. Some of you will have encountered unscrupulous sites that offer great affiliate programmes but do not pay out when monies are due. I will list one or two of those sites at the bottom of the page as a guide to other webmasters. The links below I would personally reccommend as I use them myself and they do pay out!

Webmasters try these affiliate programmes

Whatever Happened to all the Affiliate Programmes!!!

Most Webmaster like myself who have worked so hard promoting sites over the years will probably have noticed that there are very few Affiliate programmes who are still paying out. I will run through the ones I have noticed closed or not paying out and if I miss any then feel free to write in with any others.

All sites that have prgrammes with Epoch will soon no longer be paid by Epoch so you need to contact the individual sites to see what their plans are.

Zombaio seem to register hits but I have certainly not had any sign ups for about a year so beware!

VXSBILL.COM who handle payouts for Damsels in Peril and numerous other sites seems to have gone dead no matter how much I promote the sites!!!

The Good Guys are. CCBILL.COM, BOUNDCASH, KINK.COM, KINKSTER.COM, SHOPMAKER AND SURFNET. These processors are trustworthy and therefore any sites who have an affiliate programme with them are still worth promoting.

Beware of these Affiliate Programmes!

DUNGEONBANK...This site offers a fantastic affiliate programme with good hosted galleries and I joined nearly 2 years ago. So far they owe me about $300 and they do not answer any emails or pay monies owed. I have given up writing as there seems very little point. If you have signed up and not been paid I suggest that you take down all links to the sites.


When I started using Bee-Tokens in 2005 it proved to be a very reliable system and although the profits made were not huge they were a regular source of income. At that time they paid webmasters on time without fail but arround 2 years ago I noticed that my checks were not getting sent out on time and I was constantly emailing the owner sometimes up to 10 times before receiving a reply and eventual payment. I switched to wire transfer and that worked for a couple of payouts then my payments remained on hold for several months while I tried to contact Beetokens support. For a while I eventually made contact and I was paid.Over this last 12 months or so The owner has completely ignored all email request for payment in fact he just does not answer any of the email addresses listed for Bee-Tokens. I decided to contact other webmasters and found a lot were having trouble getting paid but just one or two of the larger sites were being paid on time. One kindly suggested that I should contact the owner by text which I did and I actually received a reply and payment! This was the last payment I have ever received from them and further text messages were ignored just like the emails. In desperation I switched back to international check for payment and the system said that my money had been disbursed but no check was ever received by me.They now owe me a total of 12 checks all of which the system says have been disbursed but I have never seen even one of the checks turn up. I have recently been contacted by another webmaster with exactly the same problem and he received no payment or reply either. I have now along with other webmasters removed all of my content as it was still selling but I was never receiving any money. My thoughts are that Bee-Tokens is in trouble and is not paying out to the smaller webmasters but using their money to keep just one or two of the larger ones paid. At this rate when webmaster realise they are not getting paid they will remove their content and Bee-Tokens will simply collapse. This is a great shame for a company that started out so well only to have done the dirty on the very webmasters that helped get the whole thing started. My advice is if you are thinking of using Bee-Tokens.....DONT!!!

If any other webmaster would like to send in their comments or experiences with Bee-Tokens then please email me and I will put up your views below this message.